Maria Guta

About the artist

Maria Guta (1983, Bucharest) is a Romanian artist based in Switzerland.

Her work looks into mechanisms of self-representation, production of the self and persona construction as a strategic form of public identity. Making use of video, performance, as well as immersive and social media, she reenacts these mechanisms by placing herself both behind and in front of the camera and performing in most of her works.


About the Artist

Creating worlds never seen before and the constant return to nature as the ultimate designer and source of inspiration are the prosperous obsessions shaping the artistic practice of Silviu Vișan a.k.a Dreamrec. Growing up around his artisan father who was building oversized toys for an amusement park turned into the perfect context to learn about the emotional experience of immersive environments and the secrets of morphing a place into an event. Not to mention it was the starting point for the self-thought wizard to try his hand at DIY magic either bringing joy or conjuring horror.

Ivana Spinelli

About the artist

Ivana Spinelli (b. 1972) is living and working between Berlin and Bologna where she is teaching sculpture since 2012, most recently at Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna.

Her artistic practice spanning over two decades is revolving around analysis of the relationships between body and language and their ability to continuously shift the limits of the perceived and reality by redefining each other over and again.

Tudor Ciurescu

About the Artist

Tudor Ciurescu (b.1996, Craiova, Romania) is a visual artist currently living, working and studying (MA program at Ecole Cantonale d’Art Lausanne) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Image-and-object-making stand at the core of his artistic practice. Delving in different streams of research and narratives coming from art history, economy, science fiction and digital sociology, Tudor Ciurescu is offering us surprising renderings of such explorations.