Maria Guta

Beauty Lies in the Phone of the Beholder

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Single channel video (Animated GIF consisting of 636 slides, exclusively created with a smartphone and edited in five different Beauty Apps / The sound is 95% generated by random computer algorithms and edited by music producer FlexFab / The voice is “English US Laura” from an online text-to-speech “with natural voices” program)

Duration: 5’ 00”

Year: 2019

It’s no news anymore that the humans of the 21st century have developed uncanny abilities of turning from single persons to many different people at the same time. The Web gods turned us into multi-dimensional beings, while we became slightly obsessed with seeing ourselves in “aspirational imagery”.

Self-editing mobile applications play a major role in the construction of identity/multiple identities while promising new ways to experience beauty and self-optimization all together.

And here comes Beauty Lies In The Phone Of The Beholder to question beauty standards and the effects of beauty standardization right at the core. Humorous and disturbing, meticulous and accelerated, the video morphing of a generous set of 636 slides was produced by the artist entirely with a smartphone and several beauty apps.

Maria Guta is interested in this work too in looking closer and documenting the human-to-device / device-to-human interactivity as a tool for creating new, improved but also completely altered versions of the user, going beyond physical limitations, transcending shape, texture, age or even gender. Algorithms can be challenged and driven into creating new paths, new hybrids, new species, all swimming together in a sea of liquid identity.