Maria Guta

Commercial Break

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Single-channel video, HD

(by Maria Guta, performed by Maria Guta; camera by Baptiste Jehan, edit by Baptiste Jehan & Maria Guta, sound design by FlexFab, styling by Iulia Popescu & Maria Guta, make-up by Milena Brischoux, Solarnet logo by Larissa Kasper, 3D logo animation by Adrian Ganea and special shoutout to Larissa Kasper, co-founder of Solarnet)

Duration: 2’ 20”

Year: 2020

For Commercial Break, Maria Guta sets in motion Solarnet, a fictive corporation providing life and identity alternatives for its exclusive clients.

Due to the lack of physical boundaries, Solarnet is able to provide all the many wonders we desire - teleportation, time travel, body optimizations, extended brain use capacity, DNA adjustments - assembled in the most visually appealing package.

The mighty corporation creates and recreates life better than God itself by offering unlimited human and life design options with temporary or permanent duration, entertaining purposes as well as therapeutic ones.

Your life can become your favorite movie scenario, or you can simply reinvent it from the scratch - these are some of the bigger-than-life promises outlined in Commercial Break with smooth seductive smiles by the poster girls of Solarnet (all impersonated by the artist). In the lines between sheer artificiality and prophetic truths for the future, Maria Guta also delivers a critique of such ultimate offers and vital reasons to doubt them.