Tudor Ciurescu

You Taught Me How To Draw Stars

Price: 3.000 Euro
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Size: 1200 x 1200 PX

Duration: 00’ 25”

Year: 2021

The NFT Comes in bundle with the physical work with the same name:

You Taught Me How To Draw Stars

Aluminium Rig, Marble, Plexiglas, Led Lights

Size: 60 x 40 x 35 cm,

Year: 2019

You Taught Me How To Draw Stars succeeds the impossible: to be a solid reflection on cryptocurrency mining in the present, future and past aswell.

It is the gold rush of this age with all the potentialities and failures brought into conversation by Tudor Ciurescu; and the poetic title unfolds the feeling of excitement this monolithic structure gave the artist through its technological features.

The physical object takes the core elements of a standard cryptocurrency miner and replicates them in the same dimensions through materials such as marble, plastic, aluminum and led. Transformed into a design artefact, the work questions the modes of presenting, explaining and collecting in the future this type of machine – that in 30 years will be simultaneously obsolete and iconic.

The physical version of this work was presented in solo show Still Alive – CAV Bucharest